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Båtsfjord is a municipality in Finnmark county, Norway. The administrative centre of the municipality is the village of Båtsfjord.

The municipality covers an area of 1,433 square kilometres (553 sq mi) including Finnmark highest mountain pass over Ordofjell at 400 meters above sea level. With the Barents Sea pounding the rocky coastline, Båtsfjord is at the mercy of the elements, but it is a great place to visit with the worlds northern most Gannet colony to be found on the stack at Syltefjordstauran. The two pairs that were discovered in 1961 have now grown to well over 300 pairs. The Northern Gannet is just one of many species that can be seen.

The most interesting attraction is Hamningberg, an abandoned fishing village on the outer coast, with well-preserved 19th century wooden houses, a unique example of old architecture in a county so devastated by World War II. Now it is used for summer stays.

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