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Southern Norway (Sør-Norge)

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Southern Norway is also known as Norway's Riviera or Sørlandet in Norwegian. The geography of Southern Norway is extremely varied and ranges from coastal Islands, coves and archipelagos to high mountains.

Southern Norway consists of the three counties of East Agder (Øst Agder), West-Agder (Vest Agder) and Telemark. The region has more sunny days per year than anywhere else in the country, making it a holiday paradise. Even the tiniest community seems to be full of life in the summer when their populations double several times. Most of them come to experience the hundreds of islands with excellent opportunities for boating and fishing.

The coast is also famous for small cities like Grimstad, Tvedestrand og Risør with their white-painted houses. For a truly special experience visit Lyngør an island at the edge of the open sea with barely 100 year-round residents. It's one of Europe's best-preserved village and in the summer it's a magnet for sailing and boating enthusiasts.

Charming Kristiansand is southern Norway's largest city with its weathered old homes and pulsating summer atmosphere. Kristiansand's most popular attractions is Kristians Dyrepark (Kristiansand zoo). It's both a zoo and theme park and is especially popular for children.

From the sea the area stretches 250 kilometers north to Hovden and the Hardanger plateau. Several major rivers traverse the county from North to South. All with great fishing possibilities for trout, arctic char, sea trout, salmon, whitefish, pike, eels and perch and are also used for rafting. In the mountains will you find fantastic opportunities for adventure all year. Hovden and Telemark county is especially popular for adventure and activities.
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